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Employment & Labor Law

Labor and Employment Law Firm High-Level Executives and Other Workers

Experienced attorneys handle a wide range of job issues for employees in the Campbell Califonia area

Executives – including members of top management – are entitled to a workplace free of illegal discrimination, retaliation, and harassment, and to the earnings and benefits that they have earned. Bartley Law Offices provides advice and advocacy to protect the rights of workers and honest employers in California in a wide array of employment law matters. Whether you’re dealing with abusive colleagues or opportunistic management trying to cheat you out of many hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock options or retirement benefits, we have extensive knowledge of state and federal laws governing employers, and we are committed to providing prompt, effective counsel for every client we serve. Our principal lawyer has earned an excellent reputation for achieving strong results through skillful negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation when necessary.

Skilled counsel stand up for your rights

We understand that high-level executives, professionals, and others at all levels are often hesitant to stand up for their rights – even when the mistreatment is obvious. This can be even more intimidating if the wrongdoer is a very large corporation. We deliver comprehensive support to clients so they can pursue justice

  • Business law and contracts — We draw on a plethora of Fortune 100 corporate counsel experience to avail to you, your company, or your professional practice legal representation second to none, in regard to employment contracts, shareholder relations, public affairs, trade secrets protection, antitrust, and other issues.
  • Salary, bonus, and commission issues — When you as a high-level executive are not receiving the remuneration, salary increases, stock options, sales commissions, working conditions, or other benefits you were promised, we take on your employer to help you obtain full compensation, including, in some cases, double damages and statutory attorney fees.
  • Confidential severance agreements — We often quietly negotiate confidential severance and settlement agreements that protect the executive’s reputation and quietly provide recompense for wrongs.  If such can be done without first filing a lawsuit, all the better. With many years of Fortune 100 experience, we are excellent at negotiating positive outcomes.
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation — Sadly, employees at all levels – even individuals working directly alongside top management – undergo harassment and retaliation.  The bigger the perpetrator, the harder he falls. We have litigated and resolved, to settlement or jury verdict, many dozens of harassment and retaliation cases.
  • Joint employer trap — An enormous percentage of workers in high-tech now are required to work as bogus independent contractors through staffing agencies, in an effort to build a wall shielding the actual employer from wrongdoing.  We have the experience to cut through the smoke and mirrors to hold both the staffing agency and the employer responsible.
  • Wrongful termination in violation of public policy — After a firing premised on illegal grounds, our firm pursues proper relief, including lost earnings, diminution of power to earn money in the future, medical expenses, emotional distress, punitive damages, and recovery of attorney fees where authorized by statute or a fee-shifting provision in a contract.
  • False Claims Act qui tam whistleblower claims — If you have firsthand knowledge that your employer or another company has been defrauding the government via its billings, via tax returns, or via other representations, there are reward schemes available whereby you may obtain as much as 15% to 25% or so of any recovery on behalf of the government. Having litigated over a dozen FCA qui tam cases (some very high-profile), this office knows the ins and outs of pursuing such cases, which are snake-infested swamps for non-lawyers and indeed for most lawyers having no experience in the nuances of qui tam practice. Other laws as well protect you against recrimination for blowing the whistle on fraud against non-governmental clients, such as keeping a double set of books, not availing the contracted best price, or not providing the services or goods you, your company, or your professional practice contracted and paid for.

Once you understand the legal standards that affect your situation, you can make confident and informed decisions about how to handle your issue.

Dedicated advocacy for victims of harassment and retaliation

Everyone should have the opportunity to earn a living in a safe, healthy environment, where he or she is judged fairly on his or her skills, experience, and work ethic. When a job applicant or worker is treated improperly due to race, religion, gender, disability status, age, or membership in another legally protected group (such as harassment or retaliation against a whistleblower, FEHA complainant or a FEHA witness), we take prompt action. Our firm represents clients in California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”) cases and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cases. We also assist clients who have faced sexual harassment from a superior at his or her workplace as well as those forced to perform their jobs in a hostile work environment. We have the knowledge and experience to separate the wheat from the chaff – assessing and separating claims that have merit from those that do not.

Contact a law firm knowledgeable about the repetitive obligations and rights of the employee and the employer

If you believe you have been mistreated on the job or have another type of concern relating to labor or employment law, Bartley Law Offices is ready to help. Contact our office online or at 408-879-2643 to schedule an in-person or remote consultation. We believe that every client — no matter how complex the case — should receive personalized attention, including regular updates regarding case progress and options.

Surveys have shown that the most frequent complaint that clients have about their lawyers is that they do not keep their clients adequately informed. Such is never a problem with Bartley Law Offices, where we take enormous pride in keeping the client fully informed about his or her case, and in being on-call in case of emergency.

With client approval, we also use highly skilled independent contractor attorneys to augment our work, on an as-needed basis – especially in regard to assisting with appeals and sitting as “second chair” at a jury trial or arbitration.

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